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As the manager of a dental practice, there are certain standards you expect your cleaning team to meet. Naturally, you expect the practice itself to look, smell, and feel hygienic, but you also need your cleaners to comply with all Care Quality Commission standards and regulations. Your patients need to be kept safe and infection prevention and control is of paramount importance. You also need to trust your cleaners with security – not just of the practice, but of patient information, medication, prescription pads and more.

We are your local, dependable cleaning contractor, with much to offer dental practices across Greater Manchester and beyond. We are fully committed to delivering quality on every contract we take on.

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Electrostatic disinfection

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Why Choose NJ Cleaning?

Our cleaning contracts form a partnership between us and your dental practice – one that benefits the both of us. If you have concerns with the quality of service you are receiving, you can call the company and be put straight through to the owner to air your concerns. We take client satisfactions seriously, regularly performing quality audits and encouraging our clients to attend progress meetings so we can identify areas for improvement. We are not concerned with making a quick profit, but with building a long-lasting relationship with your practice. We see to it that our staff is properly compensated for their work which, in turn, ensures that they love the job they do.

So why hesitate? Let us take away your cleaning headaches today.

A Strong Work Ethic

At NJ Cleaning, we are built on strong family values, preferred to recruit our cleaners directly, rather than relying on agencies or subcontractors. We have a direct hand in their development, from initial background and reference checks to ensuring they receive the very best training.

We hire cleaners who display our own core values, training them to meet our high standards. This development continues throughout their careers, with regular ongoing training provided for all our team.


Quality Cleaning Solutions

We use a standard cleaning checklist when cleaning dental practices, one that conforms to all CQC standards.

We also use the same products, equipment and cleaning procedures, which means we can add a member to your cleaning team when needed, safe in the knowledge that they understand their duties in full.

We provide your practice with a complete COSHH and MSDS file to be left on site. We also send you an electronic copy for your reference.

A Reliable Cleaning Team

Our cleaners arrive at your dental practice in full uniform bearing the NJ Cleaning logo and with their ID badges visible at all times.

We ensure that you have the same staff members for every shift, unless circumstance dictate otherwise (illness, annual leave, and so on).

This same program is used to compile monthly reports of hours worked, allowing you to confirm that you are receiving value for money with your contract.


Finding the Right Dental Practice Cleaning Contractor

When we speak to our current dental practice clients about their previous experience with cleaning contractors, we receive a litany of failed expectations. Many of the same problems seem to crop up in conversation, so it is likely you have experienced the same shortcomings yourself. These often include:

  • poor CQC audits
  • inconsistent cleaning quality
  • staff not showing up
  • different staff showing up
  • contracted hours not being delivered
  • no supervision of cleaners
  • no auditing/quality checks taking place
  • no or slow action from the cleaning contractor office when you have issues
  • poor communication with the cleaning contractor office
  • buildings being left unsecure
  • untrustworthy cleaners being sent


As a practice manager, the last thing you need is to have to worry about your cleaning team.

You deserve something better.

You deserve NJ Cleaning.

You can trust us to do a good job for you, we will work hard to make you happy.

Neil Johnson, Managing Director

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