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Whether you are a head teacher, a site manager, or fulfil some other role, you need the right team to deal with the cleaning duties at your educational establishment. Specifically, you need a cleaning team that can comply with all OFSTED standards and requirements as well as ensuring the school looks, smells, and feels clean and hygienic at all times. With so many students and staff on-site, infection prevention and control is another key concern, as is the need to keep students safe and the school secure.

As a local and dependable cleaning contractor, we have much to offer schools, colleges, and universities across Greater Manchester. We are not like many other cleaning firms: we are dedicated to fulfilling the specific needs of every client on a daily basis. Here is what you can expect from us.

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Why Choose NJ Cleaning?

Here at NJ Cleaning, we look at our educational cleaning contracts as a partnership. Should you need to speak to the company you can expect to put directly through to the owner, who will answer all your concerns. We carry out regular quality audits and encourage progress meetings with our clients to ensure we continue to exceed your expectations for quality. We are in this business to build long-lasting relationship, not to make a quick profit. We make sure our cleaners crews are well-compensated for their work and that love the job they do.

So why hesitate? Let us take away your cleaning headaches today.

A Strong Work Ethic

Like your school, NJ Cleaning is committed to strong family values, which is why we do not delegate our cleaning duties to subcontractors. All of our cleaners are employed directly by us and recruited for their positive attitude and work ethos. Their technical skills are built-up later with a full induction and detailed training. We continue to develop our staff throughout their career with ongoing training and support.


Quality Cleaning Solutions

We use a standard cleaning checklist with all educational cleaning assignments, one that meets all necessary OFSTED standards and expectations. We also use standard products, equipment and cleaning procedures, allowing us to add new members to your cleaning team when necessary without additional training. All premises are provided with a COSHH and MSDS file to be left on the premises, with an electronic copy emailed for reference.

A Reliable Cleaning Team

We want your staff and students to feel safe around our cleaning crew and to be able to identify them as such at all time. Our staff will arrive each day in full uniform and are expected to wear their company ID badges at all times. We ensure that you have the same staff members for every shift, unless circumstance dictate otherwise (illness, annual leave, and so on). We keep an eye on their time-keeping and attendance with the help of industry-leading attendance management software. We use this same software to produce monthly time reports, so you can confirm that you are receiving value for money at all times.


Finding the Right Educational Cleaning Contractor

During consultation with many schools across the Greater Manchester region, we learnt that many of them have experienced a less than impressive service from their previous cleaning contractors. No doubt you will have encountered similar shortcomings with your existing cleaning firm. These commonly include:

  • poor OFSTED audits
  • inconsistent cleaning quality
  • staff not showing up
  • different staff showing up
  • contracted hours not being delivered
  • no supervision of cleaners
  • no auditing/quality checks taking place
  • no or slow action from the cleaning contractor office when you have issues
  • poor communication with the cleaning contractor office
  • buildings being left unsecure
  • untrustworthy cleaners being sent

As a school manager or head teacher, there are enough demands on your time and attention, without having to oversee the work conducted by a third-party cleaning team.

You deserve something better.

You deserve NJ Cleaning.

Cleaning and disinfection school class to prevent COVID-19.M
Nj Cleaning worker spraying and wiping school door, Wigan

You can trust us to do a good job for you, we will work hard to make you happy.

Neil Johnson, Managing Director

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