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Disinfection Services in Greater Manchester

Infection prevention and control is a key part of any cleaning job. Viruses and bacteria can live on surfaces for a long time, posing a risk of transmission among everyone who comes into contact with them. While regular cleaning methods can eradicate a majority of these germs, some surfaces are difficult to reach for one reason or another. Preventative electrostatic disinfection is a fast and effective way to reach those awkward nooks and crannies, creating a safer and more hygienic working environment for all.

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What NJ Cleaning Can Do For You

As your local provider of preventative electrostatic disinfection solutions, we have much to offer our customers across Greater Manchester. Here are some of the things you can expect from us.

An Effective Disinfection Method

Electrostatic disinfection is performed with the use of specialist medical grade disinfectants along with the latest technology specialist spraying equipment that creates a cloud or mist of positively charged disinfectant droplets. These droplets attach to and totally envelope any surface (the surfaces themselves being naturally negatively-charged) allowing the chemical to dwell for the correct amount of time, eradicating virus and bacteria cells. This technique, similar but superior to “fogging” can be applied across a large area quickly and efficiently.

No Place to Hide

A key benefit to electrostatic disinfection is that it can get to places that regular cleaning techniques cannot reach. Narrow gaps between, behind, and underneath items of furniture or equipment, pipes and ductwork, difficult to reach corners, and more can all be disinfected safely using this method.

A Versatile Disinfection Solution

This technique is quickly becoming the standard in settings where infection prevention and control has been of paramount importance – places like hospitals, healthcare centres, dental practises and more. With the focus the world has on infection control thanks to the ongoing global pandemic, more and more businesses and places of work are making use of this method of disinfection.

No Job Too Big Or Small

Our electrostatic disinfection service can cover even the largest enclosed space with the minimum of fuss. This makes it appropriate for even the largest establishment, though it needs to be performed outside of office hours to protect your staff. Our cleaning teams have used this equipment in all sorts of environments, including GP surgeries, office complexes and more.

Your Local Disinfection Service

Our trained and experienced cleaning staff provide electrostatic disinfection service to companies across the Greater Manchester region. From Wigan, Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston and beyond, we provide a fast, effective service every time.

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