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Few would argue cleanliness is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy and successful veterinary practice. As a vet, your main concern is maintaining or restoring the health of the animals in your care, so hygiene is of primary importance.

The RCVS guidelines on hygiene state that “premises must be in good decorative order, clean and well maintained so as to create an atmosphere of clinical cleanliness and efficiency”.

The standard of cleanliness within your veterinary practice speaks volumes about you, your staff and your practice’s standards. Clean, well maintained premises signal to both your clients and your employees that you are efficient, competent and committed to providing the best level of service to the animals you treat.

Infectious disease outbreaks can be devastating. From kennel cough and cat flu, to MRSA and zoonotic diseases. Organisms causing serious and life-threatening diseases can quickly spread within a practice via door handles, floors, computer keyboards and examination tables.

At NJ Cleaning our system for effective prevention and control of infectious disease in Veterinary settings is cleaning and disinfection of all equipment and surfaces using G9 Surface Disinfectant Cleaner – a unique formula that protects your animal environments whilst ensuring safety to staff and animals when used as directed.

Hygiene is of paramount importance to all of us at NJ Cleaning. We work with you to put together a bespoke cleaning specification of daily, weekly, and monthly deep cleaning tasks to ensure your practice achieves the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Whether you are a veterinarian or a practice manager, hiring the right team to handle the cleaning duties at your practice is a key responsibility – a cleaning team you can trust is essential for preventing and controlling infection.

As your local, reliable cleaning contractor, we have much to offer veterinary practices of every size across Greater Manchester. Whatever the specific requirements, you can depend on us fulfil them on a daily basis.

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Why Choose NJ Cleaning?

Here at NJ Cleaning, we treat every veterinary practice contract as a partnership. When you call the company, you don’t get passed from pillar to post – instead, you will be put straight through to the owner to discuss any concerns you might have. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations at every turn, carrying out regular quality audits among our staff to ensure standards are being maintained. We also encourage progress meetings with our veterinarian clients to see if there is anything else we can do to help them. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers rather than make a quick profit. We pay our cleaning crews well for the work that they do and do all we can to ensure they love their job.

So why wait? Let us take away your cleaning headaches today.

A Strong Work Ethic

NJ Cleaning is committed to our core set of family values, which is why we do not subcontract our work to other cleaning companies in the area. We employ all of our cleaners directly, recruiting those who match our positive approach to cleaning and our tireless work ethic. We provide a full induction and detailed training and continue to develop them throughout their career with the company.


Quality Cleaning Solutions

We have compiled a standard cleaning checklist that we use on all veterinary practice jobs. This is something we have put together following close consultation with several clients in the industry. We also use standardised products, procedures, and equipment for all our cleaning assignments. This allows us to add new members to your cleaning team if we need to, without having to give additional training. WE also provide you with a COSHH and MSDS file to be left at your practice, with an electronic copy following later on by email.

A Reliable Cleaning Team

Whether you want us to operate inside or outside of clinic hours, we want your staff and patients alike to feel comfortable and safe around our cleaning team. Our crew arrives every day wearing full uniform and you can expect them to wear their company ID badges throughout the working day. We ensure that you have the same staff members for every shift, unless circumstance dictate otherwise (illness, annual leave, and so on). We use industry-leading attendance management software to keep a close eye on both time-keeping and attendance, so you do not have to. Using the same software, we are able to produce monthly time reports to ensure you are receiving value for money at all times.

Finding the Right Veterinary Practice Cleaning Contractor

We work closely with veterinarians throughout the Greater Manchester region. During our initial consultations with them, we discover that many have experienced a less than stellar service from their former cleaning contractors. Being in the same field, you may well have encountered the same kind of problems. These often include:

  • staff not showing up
  • contracted hours not being delivered
  • different staff showing up for each shift
  • inconsistent cleaning quality
  • no auditing/quality checks taking place
  • no supervision of cleaners
  • poor communication with the cleaning contractor office
  • no or slow action from the cleaning contractor office when you have issues
  • untrustworthy cleaners being sent
  • buildings being left unsecure


Running a veterinary practice is difficult enough, without having to micro-manage the work of a third-party cleaning company.

You deserve more than that.

You deserve NJ Cleaning.

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You can trust us to do a good job for you, we will work hard to make you happy.

Neil Johnson, Managing Director

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